Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ok, so I'm going insane because I have so much shit on my plate right now. Mind you it's my own fault because I usually feel like I have to stretch myself so thin. I'm in 3 classes in school because if I'm in any less I have to start paying back my student loan to OSAP. LAME. So I'm in 3 classes to delay the process until I'm finished in school. Work is great, but training is leaving me exhausted and with no time to do anything. Thankfully that's finished this week! I am also going to the gym as much as possible, trying to volunteer around Red Deer, and trying to plan my wedding. I feel like I'm really neglecting Josh and I feel so bad about it. I barely have time for myself, which can't really be good either. I'm to the point where pretty much everyone annoys me. kind of very bad, right? I just think that shutting myself out from everyone else is my way of coping with stress or fatigue because normally I handle those things pretty well. I mean I really don't care what other people think of it, because the only ones I really care about how I am effecting is my finacee and my mom and the rest of our family. Everyone has shitty times, I think particularly now with all of the negative energy in the world at the present moment. It's kind of sad actually, to hear how so many people are so depressed and desperate. I thank whatever the higher "power" may be that Josh and I are going to be ok, at least for now with our jobs still existing. I don't know what some people are going to do, or how some people do it! My world would be crashing right now if I ever had to deal with something so devistating as loosing your life's savings or your job, family, car, home, etc. There are so many people to help, how can the government or their families help them all? I guess all that I can say is that I hope that better times are coming very soon and the best of luck. Hopefully, everyone including myself can get back on their feet.

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hickchic said...

Hi Ashley,
Just wanted to say thanks for becoming a follower of my blog...and I shall return the favor. Hope things start looking up for you and that your stress just melts away like butter on a hot roll. Your interest in my blog was much appreciated!
:) smiles