Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lovely Day Today

I just wanted to start off by wishing you all a happy Tuesday! Hope it's FANTASTIC!

I am so thankful that things have been going well for us since this year started. 2009 was a great year, but quite a struggle for us financially. It was also super sad because we are so far away from our friends and family. This year DH got a great new job, which helps us do so much more now. Today we get our brand new bed (we have never ever had a brand new bed)!!!! It's a king, so I am super excited for him not to hog the bed anymore. It's that bowling ball bed... I wonder if it will make him stop snoring? Any how, my MOH is coming here in less than 2 weeks (and we get to do B-pics, yay!!!), and then I just bought a ticket last night for my mom to come and see us in April!!!! Going to Vegas in May for a weekend, and then the wedding is in October!

I'm so so so so grateful, and I send everyone else good vibes for an amazing 2010!!

Thanks for reading my blog! Love you all!!  =)


Jaryce21 said...

Awww, Happy Tuesday to you too ASH!

Chocolate Lover said...

Thats an awesome itinerary! You go girl!