Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rock The Dress Session

For those of you who are thinking.... what in the world is a Rock the Dress session, it's like a Trash the Dress session but leaning more towards bridal portraits.

A "RoCk that Dress" session (or trash the dress) is a photo session where the bride gets back into her wedding gear, to go to some different locations and have tons of fun posing for photographs. It’s your chance to get crazy and get those images you dreamed of that you see in magazines… nothing is too crazy! These are the images you couldn’t take on your wedding day for lack of time and not wanting to get dirty. So here is your chance!

Here is my one lonesome teaser, but I LOVE IT!!! I did these last Friday, with only 4 days notice because the person who had originally won the contest (I was the runner up) had to re-schedule. It was a lot of fun, but boy was I tired after!

Thanks to Peorth Photography for my free session!


Jennifer said...

That is such a neat idea. I've been wanting to do something with mine that didn't tear my dress up, so that's an idea :) Hopefully it still fits lol. I love your teaser :)

My Dream Ring said...


thehickbride said...

This is so beautiful. I want to see more! Lol. I definitely want to do something fun after the wedding. We're thinking, since we'll head to our farm soon after, of jumping on the quads in my wedding dress. And climbing on bales. Haha I live up to the "hick" name...

PS I left you something on my blog!