Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life Lessons from Ashley

Josh's grandmother passed away early this morning and I just wanted to write something really quick out to the blog world and my wonderful followers.

Please enjoy every beautiful and not so beautiful moment that life gives you. The not so beautiful moments make those really beautiful moments really special, because they make you appreciate everything that much more. Grab life by the horns and have a fun ride! We don't get to live forever, and so we must enjoy every second we have. Some people are born and they live until they are 85. Others are born and they live 5 minutes. Either way, every moment we get and every breath we take counts. Make sure you use your time living life the best you can. Donate to charity, volunteer at a children's festival, go to a casino once just to see what it's like, cook (and enjoy it even if it's terrible), eat out, travel (even if it's just to the next town), hold a baby (they are so beautiful and just make me feel happy instantly), skydive, ride on a motorcycle, fly in an airplane, plant a tree, read a book, open your mind to other genres of music, go to a concert, try playing a sport, go for walks, go to a movie by yourself, have a pet... I could really go on forever but I think you get where I am going with all of this.

Spend time with your family. They may have drama or they may drive you crazy, but they are all important to you in more ways than you can imagine. They are the people that surrounded you on the day that you were born, watched you grow, the people who came into your life as strangers but stayed be cause they love you so much even though you may not be blood related, and the people who look after your best interest because they want to see you succeed in life and watch you inspire those around you.

Don't forget to tell those who you truly care about just how much they mean to you. They can be gone in an instant and they might not know how you feel (chances are they do, but you should tell them all the time anyways. It makes people feel good). Hug people. Hold their hand. Bring them surprises (who doesn't like chocolate or a nice bottle of wine, right?). Send them a "just because I was thinking about you" card/letter/email.

If you get married, remember what it's about. YOU and your partner. No one will remember what color linens you had or that you invitations didn't 100% match the colors of the rest of your wedding.  They will not care how much you spent on your dress or that your ring has a 2 carat diamond. None of it matters. The only thing that should matter is that you love each other and that you are making this commitment to be with that person for the rest of your life. Love them. Don't get mad at them because they forgot to add soandso to the guest list or couldn't decide which shade of white they liked more for the stationary.

I guess this ended up being a little longer that I anticipated, but it's all very important and I feel I have to get it out. 

Love with your whole heart. Don't be afraid to fall, and don't forget that if no one is there to help you back up that you can do it all by yourself. Know that you mean the world to someone. Know that while some people say we are not each a special and unique snowflake... you are because, you are YOU and there is no one in the world quite like you. Cherish your victories and accomplishments. Do good things in life, not for yourself but for others that might not have as much as you do. Get into debt for something worthwhile if that's what you really want, but don't go overboard because you do eventually have to pay it off. Dig your toes in the sand. Jump into the really cold water. Stand in the middle of nowhere and scream as loud as you can. BE HAPPY.

And know that even though I may not know you (whoever you are that is reading this), you are special to me.

You are missed and loved by so many Grandma B. Rest peacefully in paradise.


andrea howard said...

ashley you are such an amazing person. all my sympathy to you and josh, and i wish you all the strength in the world. forever and always you will hold a place in my heart, and even though we are miles away i know that distance will never change our friendship. you inspire me, with all your being. i love you, my friend. xo

Chocolate Lover said...

Such a beautiful post! You are absolutely right! So sorry for your loss.

Sweet Peas and Seashells by Michelle said...

May you and Josh be blessed and comforted during this difficult time. Life is so precious, it's amazing to remind others, just as your blog post does today.

:) Smiles and hugs!