Monday, May 3, 2010

F21 into Sweatshop Labour?

A little eye opener (blog post) on the fashion store Forever 21. Definitely some things I didn't know. Now I'm not saying other stores don't do the same because well who knows where or how all of our clothes at our coveted shopping stores are made. It really is hard to differentiate the "bad guys" from the "not so bad guys". I can't say that there is one store that I know of that is 100% amazing. Do you know of any? I would like to hear your suggestions if you do!


emseedubya said...

I heard that American Apparel is, but their stuff isn't really my style...I don't know how you know for sure. If it's something you're really concerned about, research the hell out of it! Reading stuff like this makes me glad I'm learning how to sew some of my own clothes (I'm channeling Jenny Humphrey. ;) ) but it doesn't look like an issue many companies are all that concerned about, you may end up doing all your shopping online.

onlinestore said...

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