Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My two cents on weddings.

FYI - Weddings suck up all of your money. Don't worry about getting things for your wedding that wont matter in the end anyways. Do add special touches of YOU through out you wedding. DIY as much as possible. Ask people (and yes offer to pay them) with talent to help create or do something for your wedding. Buy reasonably priced items from Etsy. Especially from the incredible Michelle S and her shop Sweet Peas and Seashells.  

But if you only remember one thing, remember that this is the day that you marry your best friend. The day that you will remember for ever, but will go by in the blink of an eye.

No one will remember what color your napkins were. Nor will they remember the little favors. They will remember the most beautiful day they saw their family/friends get married (and they will also remember the food/drink/dancing).  And remember the people who helped you along your journey down the aisle. And STOP worrying about everything. Things that are out of your control will happen, and you just have to be calm and collected to deal with those things in the right way by finding alternate solutions or possibly even just letting go. 

Your day will be beautiful because YOU are beautiful. So sit back, and don't forget to HAVE FUN!


My Dream Ring said...

Love this :)

Tami said...

Oh Ash- you are so dead on the money with your advice!

1) Sweet Peas is THE BEST Etsy shop and adds a real splash of design and custom YOU to your big day! I know her cake table runner was the cherry on top at my wedding- guests just raved about it!

2) I remember stressing over the color of my linens- white or ivory? Ivory or white? I thought about it for weeks. I now look back and realize that I got much too caught up in some of the small details that really didn't matter at the end of the day. Like you said, the big things (aka: the love, food, & atmosphere) are what people will remember for years to come!

Faith said...

i agree with this so much! it is SO true! it is crazy how much time is spent worrying about this and that and then you're married for a few months and none of that matters AT ALL!