Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Long Weekend!

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! I know for my US friends it was President's Day. Here in Canada it was Family Day. I didn't get to spend it with family, J had to work, but what else is new in that department. Mind you, I shouldn't talk because I had to work too! But I always have to work. When I'm not at my day job, I'm doing my <3 other job (photography).

I did this wedding on Sunday, and I just have to say... if you are planning on hiring a photographer, please ensure the following things.

1) Please decide on locations that YOU like. Please do not leave this task to the photographer if you know you don't like certain settings or have something specific in mind (but you do not tell them). Also have a BACK UP PLAN. Take the time to go for a consultation with your photographer to find locations that you would like.

2) Please do not have your photographer walk around your reception for 5 hours with nothing "specific" to do. You can only have so many pictures of people dancing and sitting. If you are having a photo booth, that's perfect because it gives them something to do.

I just had to vent for a minute, because while I love weddings, I try to point these things out to my couples before hand. Sometimes people listen, and sometimes they don't. Vent over.

Aside from that I did some editing and I had a massage which was nice. And another frappuccino. I'm terrible. lol

I also watched rich bride poor bride for the firs time since the wedding. YIKES. Some of the couples on there just make me wonder....

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