Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mr. Black Belt: In the Paper

Aw this was a really proud moment for me. Mr. Black Belt (Future Husband Extraordinaire!) works for the Red Deer Food Bank. He was in the warehouse before, but now he is their full time truck driver. He was on the front page of our local paper this morning!

Unfortunately, it's an article expressing how hard the Food Banks in our city, and surrounding areas are being hit by the economy. The demand in the Food Bank here has risen 80% since last year. It's so hard right now for some families. When I volunteer there, I feel like I am helping, but I still wish there was more that I could do. We donate whenever we can, and I volunteer whenever I have a spare moment, but I wish we could give them a whole truck load of food. I will just keep wishing that donors and the community will continue to give so generously to the Food Bank, and know that we are helping people. Here is the article in the paper:

Pressure on Food Bank

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Chocolate Lover said...

Yay for him for being in the paper! Must be a little bittersweet at the same time huh? Wish it were under better circumstances