Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mr.BB's Tie & Gift

He wanted something more his "style" for his tie/shoes. He wants to wear converse shoes as soon as I told him I wanted to wear them. =) So I found him a wicked tie (thanks to my beautiful friend Casey) on Etsy! We just got it yesterday and I surprised him with it! He loved it and was so excited about it! Here it is:

Etsy seller RokGear - $25

Super quick transaction, and it arrived very fast! It's just perfect!

And for part of his wedding gift I got him a silver guitar pick (engraved). He just picked up the guitar again for the first time in about 5 years, so I just wanted to give him something that expresses my love for him and our mutual love of music (like our tattoo's do). We always say "To infinity and beyond" when we say I love you. Toy Story is his favorite Disney movie ever. =)

From Etsy seller PinkCheckersDesign - $27 (custom)

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