Saturday, October 24, 2009

DIY Photobooth!

I love the idea behind the photobooth's at weddings, but I dislike the price tag that comes along with them. Some rental units can cost an average of $1,000 and up! Why would I want to spend $1,000 on a photobooth alone?!
DO IT YOURSELF! It can save you hundreds! If this is something that sounds of interest to you, I dug up a couple of websites that might help you in your quest for a fun item at you wedding, that won't break the bank. Most of them have suggestions on which softwear to use, what kind of set up you'll need in terms of a camera (you can go polaroid or DSLR), ideas for props, etc.

Life With Leo - Do It Yourself Photobooth

DIY Photobooth Using MacBook & Ikea Curtains

Instructables - DIY Photobooth

Breeze Systems - DSLR Remote Softwear

The Wedding Lens - Photobooth at the Wedding Reception

The Things We Think But Do Not Say - How to Make a Photobooth

Happy DIY-ing!

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