Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Meaning Behind Wedding Colors

I love finding websites that tell you what your choices mean! I found this website that shows a little bit of insight on the colors that you might have chosen for your wedding colors (or even just your favorite color in general). The Perfect Palette!

Our colors:

Aqua Palettes}: Fun-loving, fresh and vibrant. A favorite of beach brides, especially tropical ones. But aqua shows up in plenty of other places, too. It's a favorite paired with chocolate brown for brides who want a fun and modern palette, and aqua and hot pink are also make a pretty palette. Here lately we're even seeing aqua paired with red which makes for a lovely duo.

{Plum Palettes}: Purple has strong, historical associations with royalty, especially in sacred contexts. But thanks to the fashion world, purple's taken on a whole new life, and becomes challenging and mysterious, glamorous, and ever-so-slightly chic. Especially when paired with other complex hues like charcoal or even gray. Perfect for Winter & Fall weddings.

{Silver Palettes}: Silver is upscale and elegant - its a color that speaks to modernity and all things antique. It makes a beautiful compliment to Winter weddings & it's metallic quality really makes it special.

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Emmie Karagiannes said...

For some, a wedding may be the most elegant event that they'll ever attend to in their entire lives. For others, it would just be a simple event. But it is definitely a memorable one. The silver motif can take your wedding celebration to another level because of its elegance.