Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pandemic? I call BULL SHIT.

Canada spent $300 Million on getting the H1N1 influenza A virus vaccination. They say that it has moved into the second pandemic phase. Personally I'm not into vaccinations at all for my own personal reasons and moral woes, so I will not be getting the vaccine. NO THANKS. I have this whole theory about how this is just a conspiracy, but I will leave that for another day. How about you, will you be getting the shot?

Read more about it here:
Canada enters 2nd wave of H1N1

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emseedubya said...

I'll be getting vaccinated, not for my safety, but to protect the young children and infants I might risk spreading the virus to should I contract it. I know that my immune system could most likely protect me, but there are others who wouldn't be so lucky and would find themselves in a fight for their lives. H1N1 kills , on avg, 1% of those who contract it which gives it a death rate 100 times that of the "normal" flu. Vaccinating myself is one of the only things I feel I can do to keep myself from being a part of those deaths.