Friday, October 2, 2009

My dress on REAL brides!!!

When I first fell in love with my dress, I could not for the life of me find pictures of any bride or bride-to be (even just trying it on) with it. I was so bummed because something that looked good on a model may very well not look that great on me. I just wanted to share this for any future Sottero & Midgley JSM 1103 brides out there who are looking for more pictures of the love of their life... the most gorgeous dress they will ever wear.

I ♥ (as I imagine every other bride or bride to be does) seeing pictures of a real bride (as opposed to the models) in *THE* dress! My dress is a Sottero & Midgley JSM1103 in light gold/champagne!

Here is a fellow PW-er (jlmcmunn) in her JSM 1103 also in the same color as me. She looks absolutely stunning, and I would be so lucky to look as lovely and gorgeous as she does on her wedding day!

One of my PW (Project Wedding... best wedding related site of LIFE) girls FOUND me some pictures of a gorgeous bride in the same dress, but in diamond white!!!!
Here she is on Matthew Yorke's Blog!!!

Here are some other real brides that have been featured on the Sottero & Midgley website:


Westside Wedding said...

What a beautiful dress! I too love Project wedding!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my pictures on your blog! You will be a beautiful bride :) Judy

Chris & Lisa said...
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Chris & Lisa said...
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Andrea said...

Can you let me know where you got your dress? I just tried it on in a shop today and LOVED IT!!! But they were asking $1300:( I was searching online trying to find it cheaper and came across your blog. Would LOVE info if you have any.

Magdalena from Sydney said...

I just got married in the JSM1103! It is such a gorgeous dress, I got so many comments about it!

I bought it new so I am looking to SELL now.

It's a US size 6 (8-10 AU) champagne ivory and light gold...

It's just been listed on if anyone is interested!

Thanks, Magdalena from Sydney

Letsallbefriends said...

I love it! I am looking to purchase that dress right now too! Do you have any suggestions where I could find a good deal on it?

Thank you! Ella